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Polished Concrete
Five million square feet. That's the span of polished concrete flooring completed by our crews. And that's the kind of experience that understands that the installation is just as important as the product.
As one of just a few companies in the country that can both pour and polish concrete, we provide an even greater benefit: efficiency. Which means less down time for your business and more cost-effective measures.
Why should you choose polished concrete? Among the reasons: durability, sustainability and aesthetics.
During the polishing process, the concrete is transformed into a very hard surface that will not chip or dent. And maintenance can't get any easier: Simply wash the floors to maintain them for years. There's no need to coat, wax or seal the surface.
These smooth, high-luster floors look like polished stone, but have a naturally slip-resistant finish. You can choose to customize the look with stains, dyes or decorative bands and scoring. The result? An attractive, modern flooring surface that will last.