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Commercial Service
From office and retail space to vast industrial sites, we have the capacity to cover your ground.
Polished concrete is one of the most effective ways to do it. Offering superior durability and performance, it has become a highly sought after finish for retail, offices and warehouses. One of only a few companies in the country with the capability to both pour and polish concrete floors, when we're responsible for the job from start to finish, you'll get the highest quality and efficiency—and the most cost-effective approach.
Our expert crews take our client's satisfaction very seriously. You can be assured that your floor, parking lot, or driveway will be poured and finished with the same attention to detail given to our residential clients.
SAFETY Our commitment to safe building practices runs through everything we do. Our crews are thoroughly educated on, and actively practice, safety protocols to ensure that every job complies with the strictest of standards.
American Concrete Institute
American Institute of Architects
Concrete Polishing Solutions
International Polished Concrete Institute
OSHA U.S. Green Building Association (USGBA)